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Posted by: Xepient Solutions 5/25/2009
starting with O-DL version 4.1.1, we will be changing the way WebDav integration is handled.

starting with O-DL version 4.1.1, we will be changing the way WebDav integration is handled.


Starting with version 3.0 and up to version 4.1 O-DL has supported WebDav through a simple but powerful system that took advantage of window's built-in behaviours.
There was only one part to WebDav configuration: the server.

On the server, a user was (and still is in the 4.1.1 version) required to enable the document folder as a WebDav folder. (see article How to Setup a WebDav enabled root folder)

On the client, there was no configuration needed. Instead, the document would be served as a windows shortcut, that would automatically open the document as a WebDav enabled document.
This client behaviour worked well on XP operating system, but not so on Vista.
On Vista, a windows shortcut is no longer recognized by default and needs windows registry entries to be operational.
To avoid such registry changes, we have decided to utilize a different method, that uses ActiveX on the client browser, in order to open a Document as a WebDav enabled document.
This method does require client configuration, as described in the following sections.


Important Notes:

When developing WebDav functionality for O-DL, the ActiveX method was originally discarded because it required client (browser) configuration, and because ActiveX only works in IE (and browsers that use the IE engine). However, once configured, ActiveX is transparent to the user and works quite well.

Each document type needs its own ActiveX control to be instantiated. Not all document types come with activex controls associated.
ActiveX components to edit Office documents are automatically installed when you install Microsoft Office. At the moment, in O-DL, WebDav is only enabled for Word and Excel files.


Setup Instructions:


Instructions on how to setup teh server in order to enable WebDav, can be found in this article: How to Setup a WebDav enabled root folder


Given the security implications that are associated with running ActiveX applications (an Activex control can potentially gain access to your hard disk), ActiveX controls are disabled by default in a standard IE browser installation. We will configure our client browser in a way that will allow ActiveX controls to run and minimize the security risks.

IE security is applied to Zones, such as Internet Zone, Local Intranet Zone, Trusted Sites etc... (see fig1)
we will need to add the WebDav enabled website to a Zone, and then change the security permissions of that zone so that ActiveX controls are enabled.

We can consider a WebDav enabled website as an extension of our intranet. As such, we could add it to our Local Intranet zone, that supposetly contains only sites that we trust.
It is in this Zone that we will add our WebDav enabled site, and enable ActiveX controls.


1. Add the Site tothe Local Intranet Zone

  • To access the security options, click on the IE menu item Tools/Internet Options
  • Select the Security Tab (fig. 2)
  • Select the Local Intranet Zone (you should now be seeing the same window as fig. 1 or fig.2 top).
  • Click on the "Sites" button (fig. 2)
  • When an additional window pops-up, click on teh "Advanced" button (fig 2, middle window)
  • Add your site (fig.2, bottom window)
  • Save all changes


2. Apply ActiveX configuration to Local Intranet Zone

  • Click on the "Custom Level..." button
  • An additional window will pop-up. Make sure that all ActiveX optionsare either enabled or set to "prompt".
  • Save all changes



here is the list of ActiveX settings that we recommend:

fig. 4




Once all changes have been saved, you can refresh teh browser window, and you'll be ready to use O-DL's WebDav functionality. The documents you open through the "Edit on Server" button found in teh O-DL UI, will be edited directly on the server.


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Re: O-DL: Enabling WebDav in Open-DocumentLibrary    By bhavna on 3/26/2010
After countless hours working on this exact issue, I found this article, what a revelation! To get webdav to work…. remove it!!! LOL It fixed my problem, only three more MOSS issues for me to solve.<br><br>

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