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Posted by: Xepient Solutions 3/5/2008
Yes, but with limitations.


We often we get this question.  The answer is yes, but...

The two modules can be integrated, but are not built with that in mind. As a result, the integration has limitations, and is not recommended as an enterprise solution, even though each module separately is.

How to:

If O-DL uses the portal option of storing files, the files will be stored under the dnnroot/Portals/0/your_root folder.

You can point O-SE to that folder through the administration module, by using the directory indexing method.

All contentent of that directory and sub-directories (which is your O-DL root folder) will be indexed.


The limitations of the integration are the following:

1. O-DL cannot use the "Secure Files" option.

2. The O-SE spider needs to point to the root directory through the "Directory Indexing" section.

3. O-SE will index all contents in the root as well as all subdirectories, but it will not respect the access rights assigned through O-DL (this is the single most important restriction). This means that a user may not have access to a document through the O-DL interface, but it will see it in the search results.

Note: O-DL integrates with the default DNN search engine. The access restrictions are the same as above, and the other difference is that O-SE will index content, while the DNN search only indexes metadata.

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Comments (8)  
Re: O-SE: can it index Open-DocumentLibrary content?    By Bidan on 3/16/2008
Hi, are you planning to integrate a document content search in to the O-DL in the future?

Re: O-SE: can it index Open-DocumentLibrary content?    By host on 3/16/2008
Hello Bidan,<br>Search integration will be part of the next major release.<br><br>Regards,<br>Xepient Solutions

Re: O-SE: can it index Open-DocumentLibrary content?    By Bash on 4/23/2008
does that mean that the search will only show the in its results the contents of the O-DL root folder and nothing else from the site i.e. other pages/files? can you specify what content it shows?

Re: O-SE: can it index Open-DocumentLibrary content?    By host on 4/23/2008
Hello,&lt;br&gt;&lt;br&gt;The search will still show any regular content in addition to the O-DL specific content.<br><br>When setting up the spider you have multiple choices: URL indexing and directory indexing. URL indexing allows you to spider your site and other sites as say &quot;google&quot; would. Directory indexing goes straight to a directory in your site, indexing teh files it finds there (thisi is what you would be doing to index O-DL content). <br><br>Since both methods can be used at the same time, all type of content would be returned from a search.<br><br>I hope this explains it.<br>

Re: O-SE: can it index Open-DocumentLibrary content?    By Si on 6/20/2008
Hi, surely if you set up the spider to perform a DNN role impersonation that is one level below the role for your 'secured' docs in Open-DL, that will preserve the security of the secure docs. Then you could use a (admittedly inferior) generic DNN search for basic access to your 'secure' docs when an authorized user logs in. Ok its not ideal but it might be ok if you only have a small amount of 'secure' info relative to your other public material. I'm considering this as an option.

Re: O-SE: can it index Open-DocumentLibrary content?    By host on 6/20/2008
Hello Si,<br><br>mixing the two search types is a good work around. <br>You would be losing search power in favor of security. <br>In some cases it is a valuable tradeoff.<br>

Re: O-SE: can it index Open-DL docs based on a UNC share?    By Si on 7/8/2008
Hi there, can O-SE index a UNC share directory if I use one in O-DL? I'm guessing no and probably without any DNN security rights, even if it can, yes? Also when do you think the new version of O-DL with Search might be ready? Thanks.

Re: O-SE: can it index Open-DL docs based on a UNC share?    By host on 7/8/2008
Hello, <br><br>UNC shares are not supported by O-SE. The reason being that you'll need to access the documents through a direct link in a web page, and a UNC share may not be accessible through the web.<br><br>Search integration will probably be one of the highest priorities ofr th enext major release. However, there is no date yet.<br><br>Regards,<br>Xepient Solutions

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