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Author: Xepient Solutions Created: 7/20/2007
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O-SE: how do I know if content has been indexed?
By Xepient Solutions on 3/5/2008
The search engine log may may show that the page was indexed, but when you do a search on a keyword, there are no results. How can you verify that the content has really been indexed?

O-SE: can it index Open-DocumentLibrary content?
By Xepient Solutions on 3/5/2008
Yes, but with limitations.

Patch for Open-SearchEngine v2.0 running on DNN 4.6.x
By Xepient Solutions on 10/30/2007
The latest versions of DNN (4.6 and up) have broken compatibility with previous versions by removing some public Enumerations. For previous owners that are upgrading to DNN 4.6.x there is a patch. The full package is available on SnowCovered when you re-download or purchase the module.

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