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Author: Xepient Solutions Created: 7/17/2007
Open-DocumentLibrary related information

O-DL: Can it be integrated with Open-SearchEngine?
By Xepient Solutions on 3/5/2008
Yes but with limitations.

O-DL: how to associate a new file extension to an icon in the document grid.
By Xepient Solutions on 2/21/2008
If you want to associate your own file type to an icon that is already shown, or you just want to add a new icon to a new file extension, then read on.

O-DL: disable folder add permission when allowing a role/user to upload documents
By Xepient Solutions on 2/6/2008
By default, O-DL grants ADD folder permissions when you grant Add Document permissions. Here is an explanation of why, and how to modify this behavior.

Setting-up UNC Shares access for O-DL
By Xepient Solutions on 1/8/2008
By default, O-DL allows you to store your files under the root/Portals/x flders on your webserver. For such a default setup, there are no permission setup requirements other than the DNN ones. If you want to store your files in a repository on a different server, then you have to make sure that the right credentials and permissions are passed along and assigned to the share that you will be accessing. This article shows one of the possible setups.

Open-DocumentLibrary v3.0 Released
By Xepient Solutions on 12/21/2007
Xepient Solutions is proud to announce the release of Open-DocumentLibrary v3.0

Open-DocumentLibrary v3.0 Beta is out
By Xepient Solutions on 11/12/2007
the new O-DL v3.0 Beta is ready. If you would like to participate in the beta tests, please get your copy and send us your feedback.

O-DL patch (for all versions) istalled on DNN4.x
By Xepient Solutions on 11/10/2007
.NET 3.5 [and VS 2008] Introduce some breaking changes into O-DL (all versions) installed on DNN4.x.

Beyond O-DL Version 2.1 - working on the next version, codename INDICUS
By Xepient Solutions on 10/25/2007
What is in store for the next version? Here is a brief description of the new features that we are adding: Moderation and Workflow, Document Tracking (at folder level), WYSIWYG editor, Display Templates (change look and feel), WebDav?, and your feedback.

Open-DocumentLibrary v2.1 and what it brings.
By Xepient Solutions on 7/20/2007
This new version implements DNN search integration, RSS feeds and Document Audit (aka Document Tracking)

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