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Author: Xepient Solutions Created: 7/17/2007
Open-DocumentLibrary related information

Open-DocumentLibrary v3.0 Beta is out
By Xepient Solutions on 11/12/2007
the new O-DL v3.0 Beta is ready. If you would like to participate in the beta tests, please get your copy and send us your feedback.

O-DL patch (for all versions) istalled on DNN4.x
By Xepient Solutions on 11/10/2007
.NET 3.5 [and VS 2008] Introduce some breaking changes into O-DL (all versions) installed on DNN4.x.

Beyond O-DL Version 2.1 - working on the next version, codename INDICUS
By Xepient Solutions on 10/25/2007
What is in store for the next version? Here is a brief description of the new features that we are adding: Moderation and Workflow, Document Tracking (at folder level), WYSIWYG editor, Display Templates (change look and feel), WebDav?, and your feedback.

Open-DocumentLibrary v2.1 and what it brings.
By Xepient Solutions on 7/20/2007
This new version implements DNN search integration, RSS feeds and Document Audit (aka Document Tracking)

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